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Model Aircraft CG Calculator


Wing Root Chord (A): 
Wing Tip Chord (B): 
Wing Sweep Distance (S): 
Wing Half Span (Y): 
Stabiliser Root Chord (AA): 
Stabiliser Tip Chord (BB): 
Stabiliser Sweep Distance (SS): 
Stabiliser Half Span (YY): 
Distance between both LE's (D): 
Type of Stabiliser: 
Change Static Margin if desired

CG From Wing Root Leading Edge =

Wing Area = 
Stabiliser Area = 

I learned the hard way that there is no easy way to "Pin Down" CG exactly the first time, but this should get it close enough to fly and then adjust as necessary.
Static Margin should be between 5% and 15% for a good stability.  A 15% Static Margin is generally accepted as a good starting point for the CG of a conventional tailed aircraft. Too much Static Margin makes the aircraft nose-heavy.


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